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My name is Stacy J. Garcia and I live in beautiful sunny Largo, Florida. Largo is a few minutes west of Tampa and east of Indian Rocks Beach.

Some of the websites I have designed are Tampa Bay Line Dance Classic, and Rhythm In My Soles (Marilyn McNeal).  I have also designed website for choreographers Amy Christian, Scott Schrank, DJ Benster (Ben Heggy), Steve Lescarbeau's Line Dancer's Spring Break, and Olivia Ray’s DJ and Dance Instruction.  I have also updated Steve Lescarbeau's A+ Vacations website.

However my first website, and the one that is very personal to me is the World Line Dance Newsletter website.  This one was my pilot website, and the product of my blood, sweat, and tears.  I cut my teeth on this website and it is a work that hopefully shows the love for line dancing that Carol and I possess.

I adored watching Bucky Craven on the dance floor and we became friends.  He helped me to overcome my fear of how I looked on the floor or what people thought of me.  Bucky taught me to just enjoy the dance, to have fun, and be myself. Bucky and Carol were inseparable and I met Carol through Bucky.  I was taking a web design class at the time and asked Carol Craven if I could use the World Line Dance Newsletter to build a website around as part of my class project. She was more than happy to have a website and that is how the World Line Dance Newsletter Website was born.  There has been a lot of input from a lot of people over the years and the website has turned into an encyclopedia of dance.  Event calendar, kids dances, holiday dances, where to dance, and numerous other pages of information.  The website is updated on a daily basis and keeps me busy a couple of hours every day, sometimes longer.  But it makes me happy to know that our website is used by so many people as a reference for new dances, upcoming events, and other information.

New dances, Holiday dances, dance events, etc. are emailed to me and posted on the website, and also forwarded to Carol Craven for posting in the World Line Dance Newsletter.  Carol and I have collaborated on several of the pages and some pages have been created from suggestions and ideas from the dancers, and instructors. 

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The WHO'S WHO features people in the line dance world who are widely known for their dance talents or for their contributions to the dance world but perhaps not as well known as a person.

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