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Ballroom Health (Free- Latin, Couples) Linedance Lessons
Bastiaan van Leeuwen (Free - LD) Linedancer Magazine
Bill Bader Dances (Free) Mark's Country Edge (Free)
Brooke and Company (Free - LD) Michael Barr & Michele Burton (Purchase)
CJ (Purchase) Mill Corners (Free)
Country Time Dance Lines (Membership) Morgans Line Dance Mania (Free)
Cynon Stompers (Free) Mutiny On The Dance Floor (Free - LD)
Dailymotion (Free) Pepper Siquieros (Free)
Dan Albro (Free) Silver Spurrs (Free - LD, PP)
Helen & Nita Linedancing (Free) Sussex Line Dance (Free)
Instructional Line Dance DVD (Purchase) The Wild West Singapore
Irene Groundwater (Free - LD) Tommy (TNT) Bailey (Free - LD)
Jo & John Kinser (Free - LD & WC) UCWDC
John Robinson (Purchase) Youtube (Free)
KC's Choreography (Free - LD)  
Kelli Haugen (Free)